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2018 Research Methods

  • Chung-Ang university team focuses on the development of PSA model of WH600 nuclear power plant for multi-unit PSA and the research on the safety goals of nuclear power plants. Level 1 PSA model for WH600 nuclear power plant is being developed including external events such as seismic events. The research team conduct researches on the quantitative assessment of the safety of nuclear power plants, especially on the topics of the PSA of nuclear power plants, the comparison of nuclear risks to non-nuclear risks, the reliability of digital nuclear instrumentation and control system, and nuclear power plant operator response under extreme conditions.
  • Development of Level 1 PSA model

    Update of Level 1 PSA model

  • Development of Seismic PSA model

    Review and comparison of fragility data

    Technical guideline for Seismic PRA (Hybrid Method)

  • Training

    June 2018, Barcelona, ISS, INU, UPC, Hands on training on NPP simulations: achieving steady state conditions and conducting the simulation of thermal hydraulic phenomenology

    August 2018, Daejeon, KAERI, Education of Seismic PSA modeling software development

WinMACCS 3.10.0
MELCOR 1.8.6
Compact Nuclear Simulator(CNS)
PCTRAN (SA package)
Nuclear Zero-Power Kinetics Simulator

Research Results

  • Conference
    Date Institution Topic Authors
    May 2018 Korea Nuclear Society Simulation Analysis on Steam Generator Tube Rupture
    with Total Failure of High Pressure Safety Injection
    Ji Suk KIM, Eun Jin JEONG,
    Man Cheol KIM*
    July 2018 OECD/NEA OECD/NEA Site level PSA Workshop Man Cheol KIM
    Sep. 2018 Probabilistic Safety Assessment
    and Management PSAM 14
    Analysis of different quantitative safety goals for
    nuclear power plants
    Ji Suk KIM, Man Cheol KIM*
  • Seminar
    Date Presenter Topic
    March 9, 2018 Dr. Jeong-Moon SEO Seminar of Seismic PSA

Expected Contributions

  • As a part of regulatory verification purpose multi-unit PSA model, the research results can be used to identity core issues in multi-unit PSA or as a technical basis for the development of regulatory codes and guidelines.

    Provision of basic data for the establishment of reasonable safety goals for nuclear power plants

Researcher profile

  • E-mail
  • Tel. +82-2-820-5907

Man Cheol KIM, PhD

  • Education

    1997.02 B.S. in nuclear engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    1999.02 M.S. in nuclear engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    2004.08 Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  • Career

    2004.09 ~ 2006.02 Post-doctor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    2006.02 ~ 2013.02 Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

    2013.03 ~ Current Associate Professor, School of Energy System Engineering, Chung-Ang University

  • Social Services

    MMI & Human Factor Expert Committee Chair, Division of Nuclear I&C, Human Factors and Automatic Remote Systems, Korea Nuclear Society.

    Liaison officer, OECD/NEA Computer Program Service

    Technical Program Committee Secretary, ISOFIC(International Symposium on Future I&C for Nuclear Power Plants) 2017

  • Research Fields

    Probabilistic Safety/Risk Assessment

    Safety analysis of digital instrumentation and control systems in nuclear power plants

    Human reliability analysis

  • Researchers
    No. Name Position
    1 Jeong-Moon Seo Ph. D / Research Fellow
    2 Jisuk Kim Ph. D. precandidate student
    3 Eunseo So M.S. course student