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Objective & Contents

  • Objective

    SRA model quantification and its improvement

  • Contents

    (2018) Analysis of multi-unit PSA issues and quantification of single unit internal PSA

    (2019) Quantification of single-unit seismic PSA model

    MUPSA CDF/LERF/RISK quantification-platform prototype design MUPSA CCF modeling and quantification method development OPR1000 seismic PSA CDF/LERF quantification and best estimate analysis

    (2020) Quantification of multi-unit PSA model

    (2021) Study of dynamic characteristics of multi-unit dependency

    (2022) Quantification of revised multi-unit PSA model

Research in 2018

  • 1. Update of human error probabilities for the single unit PSA
  • 2. First method to convert correlated seismic failure into CCFs
  • 3. BeEAST/FTREX improvement for multi-unit PSA

Expected Contributions

  • Development of MUPSA common cause failure quantification method

    Development of MUPSA huge fault tree quantification method

    Development of MUPSA sensitivity and uncertainty analysis method

    Development of MUPSA CDF/LERF/RISK quantification-platform

    Contribution to quantification of huge domestic MUPSA model

    Contribution to results analysis of huge domestic MUPSA model

Researcher Profile

  • Tel.+82-2-3408-4413

Woo Sik Jung

  • Career

    2015 ~ Present Sejong University, Professor

    2002 ~ 2014 Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Principal Researcher

    2001 ~ 2002 Jang Media Interactive, Research Director

    1996 ~ 2001 KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Senior Researcher

    1993 ~ 1996 Institute for Advanced Engineering (IAE), Senior Researcher

  • Researchers
    No. Name Position No. Name Position
    1 Seong Kyu Park Ph.D. course student 3 Hyerin Lee M.S. course student
    2 Myungwoong Kwak M.S. course student 4 Gee Man Lee Researcher