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Purpose & Contents

  • Purpose

    Development of Multi-unit Risk Assessment Methodologies for Seismic Events

  • Contents

    1st year, 2017 ~ 2018 : Development of common impact factor identification method and Applicability of seismic event
    PSA methodology to multi-unit risk assessment

    2nd year, 2018 ~ 2019 : Development of modeling method of multi-unit seismic event

    3rd year, 2019 ~ 2020 : Supporting of modeling for multi-unit seismic event

    4th year, 2020 ~ 2021 : Sensitivity analysis for multi-units with seismic correlation

    5th year, 2021 ~ 2022 : Supporting Risk Assessment for multi-unit seismic event

2018 Research Activity

  • Sensitivity analysis of seismic event quantification method

    Development of basic case of sensitivity analysis for PSA modeling method of seismic event

    Sensitivity analysis of seismic quantification method

    Feasibility study of latest overseas seismic quantification technology including seismic correlation

  • Review of internal event PSA model for development of seismic event PSA model

    Review of equipment and accident progress included internal event PSA model.

    In seismic event PSA, checking the added analytics.

  • Supporting development of seismic event PSA model for single-unit (preliminary)

    For domestic NPP, Pilot development of seismic event PSA preliminary model.

    Supporting Development of seismic event PSA preliminary model for single-unit.

Expectation effectiveness

  • Establishment of Site Risk Assessment Technology through Risk Assessment of multi-unit seismic event.

    Increasing the safety of the multi-unit by reducing the identified contributing factors of the domestic multi-unit risk.

Researcher profile

  • E-mail
  • Tel. +82-052-712-7311

Hak Kyu Lim

  • Academic Background

    UCLA Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D

    Seoul Univ. Mechanical Engineering, Master

    Seoul Univ, Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor

  • Career

    KAIST, Researcher 1988 ~ 1989

    PSA group in KEPCO E&C, PSA Part & Project Manager 1994 ~ 2016

    KINGS, Associate Professor 2016 ~

  • Researchers
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    1 Byeongchoen Go Researcher